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Aliaskar Abarkas (1994) is an Iranian artist and writer whose practice is deeply rooted in alternative and collective education. Through a performative approach, he captures the dynamics between people, forging a shift from individual to collective experience. His projects, notably The Community Whistling Choir, explore themes of communication, conviviality, and transformation of self and knowledge. Together with the participants, he documents the process to produce films and compose sound and text. Collaborating with individuals and organisations, Aliaskar proposes and tests methodologies that reimagine the open contexts within which his practice circulates.


Most recently, Aliaskar was an associate artist at Rupert (Lithuania), Open School East (UK), the Institute of Postnatural Studies (Spain) and previously, Syllabus V (UK). Aliaskar completed a BFA and MA in Fine Arts and Theory of Art at the University of Tehran and Goldsmiths University of London. As an associate artist and researcher, he contributed to LUX Critical Forum, The Sonic and Somatic Transdisciplinary Research and Practice Programme, Advanced Practices, The Centre for Arts Design & Social Research, The New Centre for Research & Practice, and the Barbican Centre's Communities and Neighbourhoods. Aliaskar is the recipient of Castro International Fellowship Award, Rome 2024.


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